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Forget Pensions; Chase your Passion.

5th, June 2009

During thirty years in business I have witnessed a reoccurring theme – Management complicates simplicity. Every business founded with entrepreneurial spirit inexorably evolves from a simple-purposeful venture, passionately-driven by entrepreneurially-minded warriors, into a complex-one managed by administrative-minded worriers.

Clearly, entrepreneurial ideas have a greater certainty of being profitable and sustaining growth when supported by management attributes. Less accepted is that executives must develop entrepreneurial thinking – those same attributes instrumental in the founding of their corporation.

Developing an entrepreneurial-minded culture within a structured environment, such as an established corporation may sound like a contradiction in terms, but it is upon such paradoxes that future organizations will rely. Very simply the greatest benefit for business is to have entrepreneurial leaders that readily take ownership for what they do.

To evolve from employee-minded to being entrepreneurial-minded, executives must embrace the concept of taking and giving ownership by changing their perceptions. It is not about being employed or self-employed; it is about responsibly doing what you should do. A company does not employ a person for any other reason than the added value that such a person will bring to a business. It is about having a self-employed mentality; knowing that, as far as your own customers perceive, you are the company.

If you do not fulfill such expectations then you are not being true to your passion. Realizing that you are already self-employed in fulfilling expectations is the massive paradigm-shift required. In doing so you see the world differently, yet all that has changed is the perception that you no longer think as a hired-hand, but like an entrepreneur.

Though we worry about securing our pension, there is infinitely more security in chasing our passion. Successful organizations are so because of those individuals that either passionately found or drive them. Such people are not necessarily born leaders; have had a great idea; want to empire build; or make a fortune. They are ordinary people that are motivated by a purpose. It follows that the purpose of an organization is to realize its potential. And the realizing of its potential lies in the passion of its purpose.

Business is the great modern arena for us to express our vocation and develop our potential. Re-instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship into skilled management is the most effective way to reassure all stakeholders, re-energize leaders and re-cultivate the reward of profitable growth. Rediscovering passion will redefine, revitalize and repeatedly ensure future success.

The future is not what it used to be. It belongs to those corporations that are friendly, yet fearless; experienced yet innovative; and established yet entrepreneurial.

For this reason I wrote Passion v Pension, the definitive guide to developing corporate entrepreneurs and re-making your own business entrepreneurial, as you originally intended.