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Get Rich Slow

4th, May 2009

History records what experience proves: quick-fixes don’t work. Show me an overnight success story and I guarantee that years of hard work and frustration lie behind the story. Susan Boyle had sung for years before her first record 10 years ago sold only 1,000 copies. 30 years after wanting to be a singer she has made the record of having over 120 million YouTube visits.

That’s what success is about: to be prepared for when opportunity does appear and to keep on going, even when the feeling you had when you first started has diminished. She took the decision to keep going, even when people laughed at her.

History also records that worthwhile success comes to people more frequently when emerging from frugal times than excessive periods. There has never been a better time to be made redundant, or realise that, however fast we have been running to get by, we’re going the wrong way. Only through such wake up calls do you get to do what will really be the making of you.

Our challenge is to overcome the urge to get back the lifestyle, we think has been unfairly removed from us, as quickly as possible. Forget it. And stop whining how unfair life is. Now is the time to simplify your life and work persistently towards a future financial freedom for yourself. Sounds crazy? Check out some history – maybe even your own.

To simplify our life is very hard to do. Most of us find it easier to complicate every facet of our lives by living either vicariously through others (celebrities) or being influenced by others (media) or doing what we have been told we should do (family, friends). Yet all it takes is a decision to change.

At no time in history, certainly during your life, has it been easier or cheaper to start something new; something that you have always wanted to do. ‘Ah, but, you don’t understand,’ you cry, ‘I have a mortgage and family to support! I can’t just do, I have to earn.’ Look at the clutter in your drawer, garage, or cupboard. Such clutter is in direct proportion to your life. How can you think clearly if your life is cluttered? How can you focus on what you want when you can’t even find the scissors you are looking for?

With frugal the new bling, you no longer need to be externally driven. You can be internally motivated to sort your life out and either start or join a new business that allows you to be the person you are capable of, rather than just produce something. Whatever your situation, put yourself in order, before you complain about the street.

Then, and this is the key, seek to get rich, slow, surely, steadfastly and incrementally – day-by-day and everyday. Overnight success comes from thousands of focused daily inputs in your chosen direction. ‘But,’ you argue, ‘that could take years, I need it now.’ However long it takes you will still be the same age after those years whether you choose to take the decision, today, or not. Better to get rich slow, than never at all.

Getting rich slow is a guarantee that what you really want will inevitably come to you, and much quicker than you could have possibly imagined. At school we are taught how to get by; we are not taught the proven Laws essential for financial freedom, nor the practical secrets for simplifying life. For this reason I wrote Swimming with Piranha Makes You Hungry. A book guaranteed to simplify your life, increase your disposable income and above all to enjoy your life more.