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A Lot Of Focus Locus

3rd, October 2010

In physics it takes the same energy to light an electric lamp as it does for a laser to cut through steel. The latter is simply more focused. Focusing the sunlight to a sharp point through a magnifying glass will burn paper – as many of us remember doing or watching another do at some point during a school years.

As Zig Ziglar aptly said: ‘It is better to be a meaningful specific, rather than just a wandering generality.’ The former is simply more focused, and importantly has locus too.

Locus originates from the Latin for ‘place’ or location. When you put  focus and locus together you have a dynamic catalyst that ignores all distractions as it propels you to wards the place you have determined to reach.

Now, herein lies the challenge. Because most people, sadly, lack both determination and focus and, furthermore, have not the slightest idea where they want to get to. They may, periodically, get the urge to really do something and are often motivated to get where they often feel that they deserve to be, should be or dream to be.

Yet whatever motivates them is short-lived as the first hurdle they inevitably meet causes them to stumble and stop.

It is a fact of life that though we may be all born with the abilities that can make us really stand out from the crowd, seldom do we either discover what they are, or apply them, even if we get to know what they are.

It is impossible to have focus without knowing what you want. And it is impossible to have locus if you don’t where you are heading. Little wonder that over 90% of the populace – that are surrounded with more opportunity than has ever before existed in history, as well as having more information at the touch of finger, than has ever been available since time began – spend their life as wandering generalities. Never achieving what they are actually capable of achieving.

The Law of Focus operates in line with the Law of Concentration: What ever you focus your attention you move towards. Whatever thoughts you allow to dominate your thinking will permeate your subconscious. Consequently you will unconsciously gravitate towards those conditions that match those dominant thoughts. And this is the secret of focus. Because both these laws work under the domain of the Law of Cause and Effect – Where Thoughts are Causes and Conditions are Effects.

When you focus your thoughts on what you want, you actually put in motion the reality of what you want. When you know where you are going, you are actually able to recognize it when you arrive there. All that you need to achieve this is a Lot of Focus Locus.

The Hocus Pocus applied by magicians to play tricks actually means a lot of meaningless activity – which is how most people live their lives. That is not the way successful, ambitious people live their lives. Each of us knows from painful experience that whenever we are not focusing on where we are going then we increase the risk of hurting ourselves.

It is far more advisable to focus on where we are going, while being motivated by all the reasons why that we want to get there.

It is far better that we make a determined effort to know what it is we really want, why we want it, where we have to get to, than to have no idea or be unsure.

No one wants to spend time with a wandering generality with low energy.

Make a promise to yourself to become a meaningful specific with a laser focused energy.