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Towards Prosperity - the Step that Counts

1st, February 2010

So the UK is out of recession – even the smallest step in the right direction is infinitely better than being lost in a state of uncertainly. As we inexorably move out of austerity once more towards a glimmer of prosperity – though the journey will continue to be slow and challenging, I am reminded of a story I share through The Teachings of Billionaire Yen Tzu:

Four merchants met on the road to Tai Kwok Market. After initial pleasantries they began to ask each other why prosperity shone on some and not others.

‘It is wealth that makes life run smoothly,’ said the first. ‘Yet, despite my good efforts I never have any, and I am continually fraught. So, for my part, I am certain that to receive prosperity, you must first have wealth.’

‘Having wealth is not the difficulty,’ said the second, ‘it is keeping it that I find so hard. The more I try to hang on to my wealth, the more it seems to diminish. So, for my part I am certain that to have prosperity, you must first keep it.’

‘Keeping wealth is not the difficulty,’ said the third, ‘it is the making more of it, while keeping what you have, that I find so hard. Despite making more it never seems to provide me with enough. So, for my part, I am certain that to keep prosperity, you must first make it.’

‘Having, keeping or making wealth is of no consequence to receiving prosperity,’ said the fourth, ‘it is whether your thinking is one of abundance or one of need. So, for my part, I am certain that it is not your purse that
makes you rich or poor. It is your thinking, and it is only abundant thinking that will cause prosperity to shine upon you.’

When people don’t have, they think about not having. When they have, they think about how to not lose it; and when they keep it safe they think about how there is never enough. Therefore, people who are worried about not having enough allow it to infect their consciousness so much that they merely endorse the insecurity that denies prosperity.

Your thinking directly influences your propensity to attract or repel prosperity. To develop a wealth consciousness is to never again think about what you lack, and about what others lack, and to never view the success of another as confirmation of your lack of luck.

Begin to accept, both intellectually and emotionally, that any scarcity thinking has both originated and developed, either consciously or unconsciously, from listening and being influenced by others. Then allow your thinking to accept, both intellectually and emotionally, the image of abundance in your life as being perfectly natural.

Doing this over just a few days will make you aware as to how your shift in thinking will alter your expectations. Because even the tiniest step towards the right thinking is taking a big leap in the right direction. It is the vital tiny step that counts towards prosperity.