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Let it Be Written; So Let it Be Done

3rd, January 2010

I was 12 years old when I first watched the movie: The Ten Commandments. The Pharaoh’s repeated statement of: ‘So let it be written, so let it be done’ must have had a profound impact on me, for it was from that moment that I started setting Goals. I recalled this as over the Festive Holiday, some 43 years later I had occasion to watch the film. Around the same time I was reviewing the goals I had set down in writing for myself to achieve during 2009.

From diverse goals including jumping out of an aeroplane at 13,000 feet over Phoenix, Arizona, to co-founding a charity, The Zena Foundation, my review confirmed that I had achieved 85% of the goals I had written down. Though almost everyone says that they have goals, less than 4 people in every 100, amazingly, ever write them down. That’s why most people – perhaps as many as 96 in every 100 – do not achieve what they really want!

So, here we are at the start of a New Year and New Decade – the best time to resolve a New Start to develop the New You – the person you have always wanted to become – and have the potential to become. Unfortunately, such is life, there is one person that is going to stop you from realising your dreams and making 2010 a great year for you. That person is you.

If you disagree, because in your mind you have set some firm goals and made a definite resolution to achieve them, then allow me to ask you 3 questions that require only a Yes or No answer:

1. Have you written down your goals?
2. Have you written down why you want them?
3. Have you written down the date you will achieve them?

It is much more that the weakest of ink or type being more effective than the strongest of memories. It is about bringing what is important to you into being. From the moment you manifest the words intended to bring about positive improvement in your life you initiate the Laws of Creation: Matter comes from making what is in your mind matter to you first.

Think of when you are at a meeting. You write down what you know to be important. In doing so it values what is being recorded. To the degree we value something of importance is in direct proportion to us focusing on it more. The Law of Focus is that it takes the same energy to light an electric bulb as it does for a laser to cut through steel. Same energy, yet the latter is simply being more focused. What focus have you put on your goals: Light bulb or Laser?

How do you value yourself? Are you going to make a difference to you in 2010? How about the Twenty-Tens Decade? If you carry on doing what you have always done, then it stands to reason, that you will carry on getting what you have always got. Now is the time to make a stand against the cynical, negative part of you. Resolve this year that you will be the very best you have ever been. That you will personally and professionally develop yourself at every opportunity. That you will become the person you have resolved to be. So let it be written, so let it be done.