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It's Raining Then...Hallelujah

1st, December 2009

As we enter December we see the end of some of the wettest weather in a century. Europe had the heaviest rain ever recorded. In the UK, Cumbria experienced over 30cm of rainfall in 24 hours – breaking the record – and, sadly, causing death. Melbourne, Australia was soaked through after a week that broke a heat record set in 1862. And in the US Madison, Milwaukee had the wettest month since 1850.

Although I support the view of some leading Scientists, I am not an advocate of Global Warming (as how, metaphorically speaking can we know a 100 mile road on 1 millimetre of evidence) – and this is neither the time, nor the opportunity to discuss it – I do believe in the three R’s when it comes to Nature: Respect, Responsibility and Reason. Since they are each essential for our own nature.

Respect for the power of the elements is vital, yet in life, and again metaphorically, too often we take the stance, when faced with something or someone we don’t understand, of an immovable oak tree where the flexibility of the straw would serve us better. Respect for our environment, our self, our family, our friends and colleagues too often seems to become shallow, when another rains on our parade. Yet without wholesome self-respect, what are we worth?

How can we expect Responsibility of ourselves and from others, when we are more interested in apportioning blame than seeking out solution. Yet the person that takes responsibility and seeks out the solution or goes above and beyond the call of duty in serving their country and fellow man – whether at war on in flood – will and should win our respect. Does it always need an event beyond our control to make us take up the reins of responsibility?

When things go wrong for us the reaction is to look for the Reason outside of ourselves first – rarely within. The most common Reason given, in the past month, by numerous company directors for going into liquidation was a bad economy. The most common reason for motor accidents in the past month was bad weather.

Yet if we take the time to Reason things out we admit that it was not watching our business properly, overstretching ourselves, a lack of concentration, poor judgement or just plain stupidity. When we look within ourselves for a reason why something has happened, we almost always find an answer.

Now, after a challenging year most people approach the Festive Holidays, determined to have a good Christmas Break – regardless of the weather, economy or whatever – and then make a New Start in the New Year.

November's was raining then...and Hallelujah, as we enter December, we have good intentions about Festive Times and New Starts. But without Respect, Responsibility and Good Reason, Good Cheer will only last until another rains on your parade. You cannot and must not allow this to happen.

This is the time and your opportunity to plan your New Year Start and the New You – the person that is going to realize the dreams they have planned and truly deserve. Don’t wait until the last day of the year in a merry state to plan such important dreams in your life.

Take a little time each December day to plan for 2010. Make meaningful goals that challenge you to become the person you are really capable of becoming. Review your Self-Respect, your Self-Responsibility and Your Reasons - and your whole life will benefit in every way.

Take time for Goal Setting now.