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Fall Back to Spring Forward

1st, November 2009

My birthday often coincides with the hour change and, similar to many people, I use the memory jogger of the US term for Autumn to Fall Back - and Spring Forward of course when they change again in March.

This Fall as the clocks changed over Europe the data on the US economy indicated a reversal away from recession, joining France, Germany and Japan. UK media, however, seemed to enjoy reminding the populace that we will not be first out of recession, as earlier promised by the government. Once again the focus was on who to blame rather than on solution.

‘My job is to report the news, not to offer a solution,’ one journalist informed me last week.

‘But only the bad news. How about some good news?’ I offered.

The reporter shot me a quizzical look: ‘Good news? What are you - some religious do-gooder?’

Again I offered that nothing but bad news does nothing to stimulate an economy before wishing him good luck in his search for bad news.

‘Thanks,' he said. ‘It’s how I get paid.’

Whether each of us accepts, or are ignorant of, the fact, negative thoughts attract negative actions, and positive thoughts attract positive action. If you are thinking about what you don’t want to happen, then you will attract that very same outcome into your life.

This Law is as immutable as the Law of Gravity, which has the power to save or hurt you; or The Law of Correspondence, where thoughts are causes and conditions are effects; or the Law of Expression, where whatever you impress inside, you will express in your life and what ever you express outwardly, you will impress upon yourself.

The Law of Attraction, states that whatever you send out in thought will return to you as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Common Sense tells us to keep our mind on where we want to go, not where we have been. Unfortunately ignoring such common sense is more common practice than following it.

The Law of Growth is clear too: you have to make cutbacks first. You have to fall back before you can spring forward. Well, now that the most powerful economy is coming out of recession, and whether the UK like it or not, the world is indirectly influenced by US famine and fortune, the indications are clear: that we too have concluded our fall back and can now prepare to spring forward.

When we cutback in nature we don’t keep hold of debris we have piled up. We burn it. Now is the time for you to cut back those elements that are restricting your own growth: Negative thinking, worry, blame, doubt and procrastination.

You must never allow your personal and professional growth to be dependent on what others report is happening. Don’t wait for the news to tell you when you should spring forward. It’s up to you to stop being externally influenced by events and economy and start being internally driven by what you know you are really capable of achieving and prepare your spring forward.

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