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Developed using proven techniques that I have learned during over 35 years experience of building my own successful enterprises and working closely with cutting edge entrepreneurs, The Entrepreneurial MoneyMaker Pack consists of tried and tested products that have ALREADY produced positive results.

“Turner creates positive results for business”

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From a practical perspective I have founded several multi-million pound enterprises from start up and have been a President of a NASDAQ listed award winning e-learning company.

Hard-won experience gained through the recessions of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, including a bankruptcy developed my proven principles to turn adversity into opportunity and develop real profitable growth. I would never have had to experience such challenging times if I had the benefit of what I want to share with YOU.

“What Turner preaches, he has practiced”

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You will develop the winning attribute of thinking like an entrepreneur.

You will apply principles and tested practices Entrepreneurs use.

You will boost your business in today’s turbulent times.

You will get:

DVD - How to beat failure and become a Successful Entrepreneur.

CD 1 - How to Think as an Entrepreneur.

CD 2 - Setting Goals effectively.

CD 3 - Applying the Principles of Entrepreneurship.

CD 4 - Applying the Practices of Entrepreneurship.

40-Page Bullet Point Manual Packed with Valuable Secrets.

Successful entrepreneurs make a point of being prepared, of knowing how to recognize emerging markets and opportunities and expect to be in the right place at the right time. Good entrepreneurs apply the hard won principles and practices of:

The Entrepreneurial MoneyMaker!


...I am so confident that you will generate more profit using the ideas you will learn from my Entrepreneurial MoneyMaker that you will have 30 days to evaluate it.

This Entrepreneur MoneyMaker Program

- packed with practical instruction - delivers great value


£495.00 £247 (YOU SAVE 50%)

To start you on your path to becoming a successful entrepreneur, I have taken away all your risk. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Successful entrepreneurs are NOT the risk-takers they are perceived to be. They are opportunity focused and work at maximizing value from selected opportunities.

Wishing you great opportunity!

Professor Colin Turner


"What Turner preaches, he has practiced."
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