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The Amazing New Formula that is Transforming Companies

From The Way They Hold Meetings to How They Innovate.

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Discover how within 30 days after applying The One Percent Solution you will be...

Generating profitable ideas... AND making more of the right decisions for your business...AND holding effective meetings

How can this formula work for You and Your Company?

The secret to acquiring the best habits is not to spend too much time consciously thinking about something, but to do so consistently on a daily basis. Though our greater subconscious is always working either for or against us, depending on our thoughts, when it is reminded daily about something that we want to know, or need to find, it stays on track and delivers for us.

The most effective way to introduce this is to use a new formula called The One-Percent Solution (TOPS). Everyone has the same amount of time in a day – 1440 minutes. We all spend it differently but share the common complaint that there is never enough, particularly for any personal planning or self-evaluation.

By spending just 14 minutes of each day engaged in personal evaluation, the other 99 % of our life greatly benefits. With 1,440 minutes in everyone’s day spending just 1% of it either to solve a problem or generate an idea makes good sense and works with significant results.

Our subconscious operates 24 hours everyday and it relishes specific opportunities to work for us. Though our imagination is at our disposal too often we habitually use our imagination to dispose of our dreams and ideas.

Applying just 1% of a part of the day that suits us best will very quickly build the habit of being creative and resolving problems.

The challenge is what questions to ask and how to apply The One Percent Solution on a practical basis that actually delivers results?

Over the past 10 years I have developed both the right questions to ask AND the practical application of what to do next.

"The most effective way to generate profitable ideas"


The One Percent Solution shows you to take positive action towards what you want to achieve.

"Thanks for introducing The One Percent Solution. It is proving a great success"

Isla McCrone, Determined to Succeed, Scottish Enterprise

The One Percent Solution improves decision-making, increases the effectiveness of meetings, resolves complex situations and creates innovative solutions.

"The most powerful methodology for innovation"

Carol Ballock, M.D. Burston Marstellar, New York.

It is a proven system that stimulates ideas to turn companies around. It has been introduced to some of the world’s leading companies with great success.

"A brilliant brainstorming tool - simple to apply yet delivers"

Michael Toedman, Former Managing Director, International, BUSINESS WEEK

M.D. Soho Syndicate



Inspire Creative Thinking

Successful individuals and businesses are so because of a great idea acted on, or doing something differently, extraordinary or laterally. Without exception there is creative thinking involved - whether consciously or unconsciously. The One Percent Solution is the proven tool to deliver this.

Generate Profitable Ideas

It does not matter what you do - the hard fact is that unless you are making a profitable return you are wasting your time. Success in every area of your life demands you generate not just ideas - but profitable ones! The One Percent Solution guides you to do this.

Ensure Effective Meetings

Amazingly almost all meetings are either a waste of time or do not fulfil the objective they are intended for. Imagine that every meeting you hold has a real high energy - an energy that is so conducive to delivering the desired outcome that you actually look forward to them. TOPS will raise your meetings to an energy level that will make every one of them count.

Stimulate Right Decisions

Getting fitter to run faster is not very efficient when you are running in the wrong direction. Learning to make decisions ensures that you are effectively moving in the right direction towards what you really want. The One Percent Solution explains the 4 decision making-processes for you and how to harness them effectively.

Determine Strategic Direction

The old adage of ′if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail′ is another harsh fact of life with most people and companies - because they have not determined a strategic direction. Applying the One Percent Solution allows you to develop, determine and drive the right strategy for you.

Resolve Complex Situations

Most people unwittingly stick their head in the sand whenever something problematic raises its head - in the hope that it will have gone when they open their eyes again. You know that the best way to resolve problems is to address them. But what is the best way? TOPS will show you how.

Cultivate Inventive Innovation

Where would we be without innovation? All the great companies, entrepreneurs, individuals credit innovative ideas for their success, wealth and reputation - from Dyson to Apple! Whatever your business or talent it will always benefit from inventiveness. TOPS will deliver for you.

“Imagination is at our disposal – to stimulate ideas.
Usually we use it for the disposal of our dreams”

Over 10 years I have developed, refined and presented The One Percent Solution to the World′s leading companies with measurable results:

"The most powerful methodology for innovation"

Carol Ballock, M.D. Burston Marstellar, New York

"I love the One Percent Solution!"

Manfred Scheske, President Consumer Europe, GSK

"The little tool that makes the big difference"

Steve Parish, MD, IBM Consulting

"When applied this formula really works!"

Edward Creasy, Group CEO, KILN Group plc

"TOPS delivers what it says on the box!"

Adrian Hosforth, Director, BT





...I am so confident that you will BENEFIT From The One Percent Solution that you will have 30 days to evaluate it. If at the end of that period you can honestly say you have not benefited then you may return the program and receive a full refund.



Within 21 days of applying The One Percent Solution your company will be saving thousands of previously wasted meeting hours and enjoying high-energy meetings with decisive outcomes. AND you will be stimulating the innovation that is essential for sustainable success.

Invest today in something that has actually been designed to diminish the hassle in business while at the same time improve it.

With My Best Wishes for You and Your Company′s renewed success!

Professor Colin Turner

PS: By Applying The One Percent Solution you are going to immediately start improving your life and your business!

You know that even your most brilliant of ideas is pointless if it is not acted upon.

You also know that just one insight can resolve a hundred hours of hassle...

One innovation can take us from zero to hero...

and just One simple idea at the right time in the right place will generate the profit allowing us to survive, thrive, invest and grow.

I have developed over 10 years a simple yet highly effective tool that delivers right on schedule.



Stimulate Your Creativity

Without exception this is the one key factor that is responsible for making you a Genius!

Develop Your Ideas

When you have ideas it is time to develop them and so turn them into profitable ones!

Support Your Planning

Then it is important to organize a practical plan to bring your ideas to fulfilment!

Guide Your Decisions

Knowing which is the right way to turn is the ultimate factor in getting where you want to go!

Clarify Your Goals

Understanding what is really important to you and why saves months of lost time and frustration!

Resolve Your Problems

Life is about solving life′s inevitable problems. It is how we go about it that makes the difference!

Cultivate Your Inventiveness

And the way you look at things is the secret to doing them better and better!




The One Percent Solution stimulates what I term: “The 6 "I′s"

that are absolutely essential to developing creative genius:

  1. Intuition – for right decisions.

  2. Inspiration – for positive brainstorming.

  3. Imagination – for developing dreams.

  4. Innovation – for cultivating inventiveness.

  5. Influence – for worthwhile meeting.

  6. Insight – for what the future will hold.

Once you develop "The 6 "I′s" you will start to tap into your creative Genius.

And within 21 days of applying The One Percent Solution you will experience for yourself just how powerfully this program works!

When The One Percent Solution or T.O.P.S. is applied within a team, company or organization, the effects are multiplied exponentially. With everyone working on a particular solution the power of a collective consciousness is invoked.

Experience what happens when you apply The One Percent Solution to measure how effective it is. Teams enjoy measurable benefits in just 3 weeks of using T.O.P.S.

Take the decision now to end time-wasting meetings, dull brain-storming sessions and frustrating situations by investing in TOPS today - saving 40% - because the sooner you know how to transform these negative elements into positive factors, the better you will sleep at night!

And, as everyone who works in the modern stressful arena of business well knows, there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a good night sleep...

Price: £97.00

"Simple to Apply, yet Delivers"
Michael Toedman, Former MD, International, BUSINESS WEEK