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BOOK: Paths to Succeed


Only those people and companies able to perceive what is going to happen will succeed.

Combining Eastern philosophy, contemporary Western experience and plain common sense, this book will make you question why you think the way you do and guide towards what you can become. First published as The Eureka Principle, this edition offers an updated version for today′s challenges.

The way you see the world can hold you back. If your perception about your life is misguided, how can you expect the future to be any different than the past. The ability to think entrepreneurially is essential today and only those companies that are able to perceive what is going to happen will succeed.

Effective creative thinking is made possible when our professional and personal lives are properly aligned allowing us to see the opportunities that exist around us.

The 7-stage program guides you to success including:

How to achieve more while doing less
How to stop preventing your own success
How to become an authentic leader
How to stimulate creativity in yourself and others
How to develop your personal mission in life

There are Universal Laws that are as essential to Life’s fulfilment as the law of gravity is to its survival, and the degree to which you align yourself to these fundamental principles is in direct proportion to the quality of life you receive. By establishing values, which are aligned to these principles, and by crystallising them into a personal mission you will have a sense of belonging and purpose.

You will enjoy stability and growth in your relationships with others. You will no longer have a sense of emptiness when your goals are achieved. The creativity and innovative ideas that bring positive rewards will come to you with increased regularity. There will be a sense of meaning and you will enjoy greater fulfilment in both your personal and business relationships as the same principles apply to all spheres of your life.

This book is guaranteed to be thought-provoking. It has not been written to persuade or cajole you with a host of examples or reasoning. Any change of thinking must come from within you in order to be effective.

Take time to think about all the ideas and principles. If you disagree with a point just ignore it. Use what you do agree with to stimulate you to become your own catalyst to improve the quality of your life.

The underlying philosophy is simple: to be yourself. To the degree that you are and that you align yourself to natural principles, you become increasingly receptive to the constant flow of insight that is available to all of us.

The flashes of inspiration that guide you are no longer rare when you are in tune with yourself and Universal laws. Realizing that the security and strength that we seek out side of us is available internally is the essence of entrepreneurial thinking.

With increased understanding and awareness we can address the very source of why we think and act the way we do. This is important as what is common practice is not always common sense but we continue to do something until we are aware of that ‘sense’ ourselves.

When we sense something deeper we start the process that culminates in the ‘Aha’ feeling we experience when we finally see something which we thought was not there. It’s the feeling of ‘Wow, that’s it, I’ve got it!’ And the stronger our beliefs are bound, the stronger the realization we experience.

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′Highly readable!" Business Life

"An insightful and motivating work" Geraud Darnis, President, Carrier Corp

"Creates positive results for personal and business success" London Evening Standard