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E-book: Made for Life


Reflect on the deep messages contained within this powerful self-psychotherapy book.

"A profound, contemplative story." WAYNE DYER

Made for Life is the compelling story of our quest for fulfillment.

In this classic tale of wisdom, an individual struggles for understanding and guidance for a definite meaning and purpose in life. Everyone will benefit from reflecting on the deep, life-changing ideas that fill its pages, because it is impossible not to relate to its profound message.

Chapter One

“Why did you kill yourself?”

It was the second time the voice had asked the question. The man did not want to answer, but words came anyway.

“What else could I have done?”

“You gave up,” the voice returned impassively.

“It wasn’t my fault, I had no choice!” He tried to defend himself. “I’d tried, really tried, but every time I started to find anything good in my life something came along to spoil it.”

“Perhaps you could have tried harder, you had plenty of talent?” The voice made a statement out of a question.

“Yes, plenty of it, but I was never given the chance to use or develop it! If only I had been given more opportunity, just one, I could have made it.”

“You already had the appropriate spirit, strengths, talent and ability to achieve your specific purpose in life. That′ s what you were made for. A human being; not a human doing. By definition you must seek what you are to be and become it. Not just spend your life doing to get by; hoping and wishing that something will turn up which may suit you.” The voice paused; the man became conscious of the silence, the darkness.

“Where an eagle will soar majestically above the earth, the tiny lizard scurries beneath a rock. Both are living out rôles which are perfectly natural for their purpose, meaning and contribution. The spirit of the eagle is appropriate and the spirit of the lizard is appropriate. So it is with you.

“If the eagle did the job of a lizard, would it feel frustrated? Of course! Because it would always feel that there was something not quite right............that it was capable of greater heights. Its natural sense of belonging would become an unnatural state of longing for something else.”

“That′ s how I felt!”, the man said. “I knew there was something I would be good at, but there wasn′ t anyone to show me the way.”

“There was always someone, for there is no stronger soul to direct you than that of your own.” The voice was louder, moving closer, then gently it began again.

“Let us talk further, for it is true that although each living person has their own combination code to the meaning and purpose they seek, they are blind to the understanding necessary to solve it.

“Although intended to be a school for souls our physical life on earth has followed a path which has blocked the flow of certain knowledge. This wisdom, which guides our spirit, needs to be rediscovered and understood. There are periods when, purposely, your spirit seeks a physical host which helps it to grow, to raise itself. Your story started even before you were born.”

"I doubt whether anyone’s life will remain unchanged after reading it."

"A unique book and most of all it delivers a very important message."

"If you are looking for answers in your life – this little book speaks volumes." STUART WILDE