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BOOK: Lead to Succeed

Creating Entrepreneurial Organizations

Business today too often illustrates Man′s ability to complicate simplicity.

"Articulates much needed practical and effective concepts essential for future business success".
Roger Leek, Group HR Director, Fujitsu Services, Europe

Because too many organizations founded on entrepreneurial spirit have lost it they need this definitive, practical guide to Entrepreneurial Leadership.

The future is not what it used to be so why chase a pension when there is no guarantee of one? Better to chase a passion that will transform your business into an agile, innovative success. Why? Because although every organization had its origins in entrepreneurship, such passion has been lost.

Rediscovering such passion will redefine, revitalize and repeatedly ensure future success. Re-instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship into skilled management is the most effective way to reassure all stakeholders, re-energize leaders and re-cultivate the reward of profitable growth.

Lead to Succeed is the definitive guide to achieving exactly that.
  • Learn the 10 Principles of Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Apply the 10 Practices of Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Sustain Corporate Change with 6 Core Dynamics
  • Use the 1% Solution to generate profitable growth
  • Transform employee-minded managers into entrepreneurial-minded leaders.

Though the most important competitive and growth factor is the development of key people, corporations still struggle to meet the challenges increasingly demanded within their industries. This is despite development initiatives and operational restructuring to build commitment, improve communication and generate innovation.

Clearly, entrepreneurial ideas have a greater certainty of being profitable and sustainable when supported by management attributes – though such attributes are often lacking in many organizations. What is not so understood is that executives must develop entrepreneurial thinking – the same attributes instrumental to the founding and successful growth of their business.

This balance of attributes is essential today for re-energizing and developing existing valuable talent, maximizing value opportunities, growing revenue and ensuring excellent execution of strategies and clear communication of objectives. For the future is not what it used to be; it belongs to those corporations that are friendly yet fearless, experienced yet innovative and established yet entrepreneurial.

THE PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK is to show how to develop the entrepreneurial attributes that were originally instrumental in founding a business yet have been forgotten.

Price: £19.99

"A source of inspiration – read it!" BBC