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Developed using proven techniques that I have learned during over 35 years experience of building my own successful enterprises and working closely with cutting edge entrepreneurs and wealth creators The Prosperity Collection is a wealth of knowledge that I guarantee will make a real difference to you.

“What Turner preaches, he has practiced”
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Part One...

comprises an extensive Workbook in Bullet Point Format, 2 PACKED

AUDIO CD′s and a DVD and reveals The Amazing New Formula

Guaranteed to attract income and wealth...

Imagine that you had an took made a lot of money...then you did it again.. and again.

I have developed over 10 years a simple yet highly effective tool that delivers right on schedule. When you apply the One Percent Solution you will experience for yourself its power. On one successful application I made £250,000.

"The most effective way to generate profitable ideas"


The One Percent Solution stimulates business success. It has been successfully introduced to Schools...

"Thanks for introducing The One Percent Solution. It is proving a great success"

Isla McCrone, Determined to Succeed, Scottish Enterprise

In business using The One Percent Solution improves decision making, increases the effectiveness of meetings, resolves complex situations and creates innovative solutions...

"The most powerful methodology for innovation"

Carol Ballock, M.D. Burston Marstellar, New York.

It is a proven system that stimulates ideas to turn companies around. It has been introduced to some of the world’s leading companies with great success.

"A brilliant brainstorming tool - simple to apply yet delivers"

Michael Toedman, Former Managing Director, International, BUSINESS WEEK

M.D. Soho Syndicate


How to Inspire Creative Thinking

Successful individuals and businesses are so because of a great idea acted on, or doing something differently, extraordinary or laterally. Without exception there is creative thinking involved - whether consciously or unconsciously. The One Percent Solution is the proven tool to deliver this.

How to Generate Profitable Ideas

Turnover is vanity, Profit is sanity. It does not matter what you do - the hard fact is that unless you are making a profitable return you are wasting your time. Success in every area of your life demands you generate not just ideas - but profitable ones! The One Percent Solution guides you to do this.

How to Ensure Effective Meetings

Amazingly almost all meetings are either a waste of time or do not fulfil the objective they are intended for. Imagine that every meeting you hold has a real high energy - an energy that is so conducive to delivering the desired outcome that you actually look forward to them. TOPS will explain how.

How to Stimulate Right Decisions

Getting fitter to run faster is not very efficient when you are running in the in the wrong direction. Learning to make decisions ensures that you are effectively moving in the right direction towards what you really want. The One Percent Solution explains the 4 decision making-processes for you.

How to Determine Strategic Direction

The old adage of ′if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail′ is another harsh fact of life with most people and companies - because they have not determined a strategic direction. Applying the One Percent Solution allows you to develop, determine and drive the right strategy for you.

How to Resolve Complex Situations

Most people unwittingly stick their head in the sand whenever something problematic raises its head - in the hope that it will have gone when they open their eyes again. You know that the best way to resolve problems is to address them. But what is the best way? TOPS will show you how.

How to Cultivate Inventive Innovation

Where would we be without innovation? All the great companies, entrepreneurs, individuals credit innovative ideas for their success, wealth and reputation - from Dyson to Apple! Whatever your business or talent it will always benefit from inventiveness. TOPS will deliver for you.

′I love the One Percent Solution!"

Manfred Scheske, President Consumer Europe, GSK

"The little tool that makes the big difference"

Steve Parish, MD, IBM Consulting

′When applied this formula really works!"

Edward Creasy, Group CEO, KILN Group plc

"TOPS delivers what it says on the box!"

Adrian Hosforth, Director, BT

Part Two...

Comprises 3 PACKED AUDIO CD′s revealing The Secrets of Wealth.

Have you ever earned the amount of money that you consider yourself to be worth?

Unless you change your future will continue very much in the way it has always been for you. If you consider that you have never quite earned enough, there is always too much month left at the end of the money, always something unexpected to pay for and, regardless of how many hours you put in, it’s almost impossible to save, then why should it change?

The fact remains that financial independence is something everyone wants, but very few people enjoy.


on the free-from-worry path to financial security and freedom.

The fact is that regardless of your current income or size of debt, financial independence is actually achievable by everyone when fundamental laws and the secrets of wealth are followed.

“Colin’s been there and knows what he is talking about”

Success Today

That’s the amazing, yet frightening, fact about the Laws of Wealth. Irrespective of whether you are ignorant of them or not, they either work for or against you, because they are always working. Rich people are no different to poor people. They look the same and have the same emotions. Indeed most rich people are ignorant of the Laws of Wealth yet unwittingly operate their lives in harmony with it.

These Laws are an immutable fact of our life. And not adhering the Laws of Wealth simply means that you will spend the whole of your life never quite having enough, in debt, or even worse: mired deep in poverty.

If you carry on doing what you have always done then it is inevitable that you will carry on getting what you have always got. But with the understanding how to harness the Laws of Wealth you can and will simplify your life and achieve financial independence.

And I guarantee that within 7 days of using The Secrets of Wealth you will increase your disposable income, have more money and enjoy less stress.

“A leading authority on success and lifestyle”


Born in a caravan in the North in Scotland, I was raised on a Highland Croft near Inverness. From an early age I worked every morning before School. I learned that you had to adhere to Simple Laws!

Hard-won experience gained through the recessions of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, including a bankruptcy developed my proven principles to turn adversity into opportunity and develop real profitable growth. I would never have had to experience such challenging times if I had the benefit of what I want to share with YOU today.

It was because of that experience that I was able to develop The Secrets of Wealth and predict and thrive in the current recession!

I learned how to turn around my life using the methods that I will share with you today.

The Secrets of Wealth will show you how you can become financially independent.

√ You will learn the immutable Seven Laws for Financial Independence.

√ You will discover the ways to saving money and to increasing the amount of money to spend from the current amount that enters your hands even if it remains fixed.

√ You will understand the dynamic strategies for streamlining your home, work, lifestyle and health.


Daily Mail

Part Three...

Comprises a DVD, 3 PACKED AUDIO CD′s... and AN EXTENSIVE

WORKBOOK - IN BULLET POINT FORMAT - that fully explains...

How to Think, Act and Become a Successful Entrepreneur.

Why is it that some entrepreneurs are successful despite poor planning, when others with good strategy fail miserably and crash into bankruptcy?

The extensive workbook in bullet point format, 3 Audio CD′s and DVD of The Successful Entrepreneur provides you with the practical solutions to day-to-day issues facing entrepreneurs across a wide range of market niches.

In each Section, I’ll share the essential characteristics, principles and practices of entrepreneurship, including:

  • The winning strategies of Entrepreneurs
  • How to develop thinking like an entrepreneur by applying tested practices.
  • The quick and easy ways to recognize emerging markets and opportunities.
  • The ‘Ten Commandments’ every successful Entrepreneur lives by.
  • The two basic questions you should ask in every marketing campaign.

Part Four...

Reveals Secrets of Communicating to Attract Wealth.

Communicating may be habitual as breathing, eating and drinking, but few people know how to really breathe, eat and drink properly. Learning forgotten steps from the East will change your world in more ways than you can imagine both in your personal and professional life.

An ancient Chinese philosophy advocates that there are eight faults and four evils that must be avoided for a person to access the eight gates and harmonize the four levels. In doing so they are on the path to developing the Art of Communication that allows complex situations to be resolved, challenging negotiations to be own and all relationships to be strengthened.

When you communicate effectively, your business success is almost guaranteed.

Yes. The power of communications is beyond question.

But is your communication KILLING your business growth, without you realising it?

The Art of Communicating will reveal how you can duplicate the communication secrets of Ancient Eastern Philosophy and...

  • Help you understand the 8 faults and 4 evils of poor communication (and how to overcome them)
  • Guarantee you harness the power of world-class word potency at any time in any situation
  • Allow you to recognize how you label yourself and others in the communication process

And much, much more...

The Complete Prosperity Collection.


- 2 DVD′s 10 CD′s and 2 Bound Manuals

A Wealth of Life-Changing Material

Wishing you prosperity!

Professor Colin Turner

P.S. The 2 bound manuals are absolutely packed with ideas. The 10 CD′s and 2 DVD′s can be listened and viewed repeatedly and every time you will learn and internalise the practical ideas. I am confident that you will love it and find it to be immensely valuable to you.

The Prosperity Collection


Everything you need to have everything you want

- 2 DVD′s 10 CD′s and 2 Bound Manuals

Packed with Practical Instruction


"Turner Produces Positive Results" Evening Standard.