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1.The One Percent Solution
2. Intuitive Decision-Making
3. Understanding Inspired Genius
4. Harnessing Superconscious
5. Visualisation & Affirmation
6. The Yin & Yang of Creative Energy


A real decision is something of major importance. Not what you are going to eat, where you are going on holiday or even what car you are going to buy. Real decisions are those that affect your future and success; and those of others. One of the most important skills in business is to make right decisions.

Any decision of course to be taken must be made after all available information has been digested. This is good common sense but there is not always the opportunity to collate all available information, in which case we tend to then rely on our reasoning. Unfortunately rationalizing about what choice to make becomes the basis of habitual decision making.

Some schools of thought expound the virtue of solely using our intuition to make decisions. But the real art of using intuition is guiding us towards making good judgment, not to replace it.

Intuition is a capacity that each of us is born with, like the capacity for breathing and eating. When we breathe properly the lymphatic functions essential to our health improve over 1,000%. When we eat properly our mental and emotional well-being improves significantly. When we properly use our intuitive guidance our decisions are always right.

As many of us neither breathes nor eats properly, it perhaps is of no surprise that we do not intuit properly. One might, therefore, suspect that few leaders have confidence in their intuitive based decision-making.

It is a misconception that intuition is a power we acquire. We were born with it for the reason of survival. Only the most intuitive of our ancestors would survive in the harshness of their early surroundings. Our competitive surroundings today are of no less importance, as they can be just as harsh. What is important is that similar to any of our innate powers we can significantly strengthen it through use.

The skill is to combine our intuitive capacity together with all the knowledge we have on a matter and make our decision accordingly.

The real decisions must involve intellect, emotion and intuition. In others words does it add up right, does it feel right and does it sound right? When applied to making real decisions these factors must be used in unison. How can we do this?

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