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E-book: Financial Freedom


As a vehicle for taking you towards financial independence, even with little or no capital, Network Marketing works. Really works.

Its principles, however, are often ignored in the enthusiastic rush to build a business.

Following the principles in this book, Financial Freedom will help you on the right track for success and enable you to develop your full business potential.

Why this book was written.

Over the past thirty years I have had the opportunity to advise numerous highly successful organizations. All owe their success to natural Principles. These Principles are explained in this book.

I have never come across a more powerful concept in business than Network Marketing, for harnessing these natural Principles so effectively. The concept provides the individual the opportunity to live their dreams.

Network Marketing, as it is often referred to works. Really works. When its principles are correctly followed. This book has not been written to convince or cajole you into joining the industry. Its purpose is to show you how Network Marketing can take the ordinary individual to EXTRAordinary success.

It assumes you have a basic understanding of Network Marketing, or are currently involved, and as such is not intended to argue the case for, or against. Performed correctly there is not a more legal, ethical and principled method of moving products or services to an end-user.

Due to its success in moving product and, more importantly, developing an individual′s potential, it inevitably draws flack from certain areas that do not understand the concept. Many, understandably, enthusiastically join the industry because of the exciting opportunity it affords.

When, however, as sometimes happens, they do not see their dreams realized, and their hopes are dashed, they resent the whole concept of Network Marketing.

We live in a society that seems to criticize and find fault and too often hear only the horror stories of what happens to people who become involved. Network Marketing can offer personal development to anyone and certainly Financial Freedom.

Although I am not connected to a Network Marketing company, I have experienced the concept fully. When first introduced to it in 1990 I was literally bowled over with the concept. My experience was that, working very much on a part-time basis, I developed a group that provided for me a net income of over £1,000 per week, (equivalent to double that today) and became a director and shareholder of the Fortune 500 Company.

Quite simply I followed a set of Principles and enjoyed every minute of it. Yet I was saddened at the adverse effect the opportunity had on certain individuals. Where one developed in every way as a human being, another would become aggressive and resentful.

For this reason, I wanted to show, in simple form, the right and the wrong way identified by the many excellent and respectable companies all of which enjoy successful growth from hard-working distributors and agents.

It does not matter which company or group you are currently involved with, or considering joining, as an understanding that your own organization starts with you, will allow the choice to do it right or wrong.

Take your opportunity to get it right, to harness the full power of what Network Marketing can bring. Although money is a somewhat unreliable barometer for success, it is, none the less, one that can act as a catalyst for freedom. Freedom to live life the way you dream about. Network Marketing has brought financial freedom to many and continues to do so constantly. Make it your turn, now.

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′A good honest guide for Networking success"
Danielle Bailleau, Editor, Streetwise Business

′More than just a ′tome′ for Network Marketers, every home should have a copy"
Iain Robertson, Editor, Top Business