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true communication - SIMPLIFYING SITUATIONS

Feedback from 1000’s of executives has proved a demand for little Books that offer Dynamic Practical Ideas and Thought-Provoking Concepts in a Highly Accessible Format.


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2.Four Levels Eight Gates

3.Commandment ONE to the power of 10

4.The Price of Free Advice

5.Simple Word Potency

6.Tongue Type Tips

Imagine applying a daily communication axiom with those people you meet of:

Never defend your actions;
never attack another’s

The amount that we allow ourselves to react to external influences seems proportionate to our need to complain about things or justify ourselves.

Consider how much of your daily communication, for example, is taken up with explaining yourself; or complaining about things or others.

It is too easy to blame our conditioned-blame culture, or the habits we gained first through our formative years at home and school, then learn at work all of which influence our lives. Certainly we are too concerned about how we appear to others and what they will think of us.

A person gives up command, for example, by inventing the self-image of being a desirable or important person, allowing others control through flattery or sycophancy. Which raises the question: what can others control if a person is comfortable in just being themselves?

For the simple truth is:

We communicate more by what we don’t say.

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